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We provide the complete range of electronic security systems to cater for not only high end, but also medium end and low-end projects. These systems include Fire fighting systems, Intruders alarm, Access control systems, CCTV surveillance camera, Hand held metal detector and Door frame metal detector .

Electronic Security System
We offer Electronic Security Systems installation services to our clients. Electronic security systems are helpful in restricting unauthorized entry, these offer complete peace of mind even when one is away from their properties like Home, Shops, Hotels, Offices, Malls, Industries, School, Colleges and any premises or location which must be safeguarded by means of CCTV.
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• Analog Video Surveillance System
• IP Video Surveillance System
• Intelligent Building Management System
• Door Access Cum Attendance Recording System
• Intrusion and Fire Alarm System
• Public Addressing System
• Home Automation
• Building Management System
• Access control system with Time attendance system.
• Video Door Phone(VDP)
• Annual Maintenance contract (AMC)
• FM200 Gas Detection system
• Novac System
• People counting system
• Water Splinkler system
• Water hydren system
• Water Leakage detecton system(WLD)

CCTV System
• IP Cameras
• Dome Cameras
• P/T/Z Cameras
• Video Management software
• Video Analytics
• Connectivity ( RF/Optical fiber) ,RG-6 Cable Communication,TCP/IP Based.
• Storage
• Company Brands- Samsung, Hikvision, Cp Plus, Dahua, Capture, Bosch, Honeywell,
CCTV Cameras:
1 – Dome Camera with Sony Lens-image coverage 0 to 20 feet, need at least a minimum lighting near the camera and the image to view it in pitch dark at night times.
2 – IR-Bullet Camera with Sony Lens image coverage 0 to 20 feet –day & night vision possible (in night vision the image will be in black and white mode).
1 – 4 Channel,8 channel,16 channel,32 channel with hard disk video & audio recording facility , with local and remote viewing network facility, mobile 2G,3G viewing software included.
Note: a)WD Hard disk-500 G.B ,b)smps-adaptor type ,c)cabling for 4 cam-80mtrs.included,d)cabling for 8 cam-160mtrs.included,e)cabling for 16cam-240mtrs.included,f) any new/additional cabling work will be charged extra,g) 100% advance with P.O, h) display monitors/tv are at customer scope,i) any other related extra accessories/work are at extra cost.