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Domestic services give importance to Patient Expectations, those aspects of care most appropriately identified by the patient. These include consideration for a patient’s care, comfort, culture, dignity, privacy, security, and individuality. Collectively, how these patients interests are allowed to affect patient treatment show our respect and care for the individual. We believe the patient has the right to expect that these needs will be coordinated in an atmosphere, which supports quality, interdisciplinary respect, and professionalism. Here are some details about each procedure and patient guidelines.

• Patient care takes care of the patients very carefully with full attendance.
• Patient care provides spinach bath to the patient on time in the morning.
• Patient care provides food to the patient on time as per the doctor’s instruction.
• Patient care provides medicine to patient on time as per the instruction of the doctor or the house members.
• Patient care should not put any injection because they are not qualified nurse.
• Patient care will do walking guidance to the patient.
• If patient is walk able patient our patent care will guide the patient to go to bath room and toilet.
• If the patient is a bedridden our patient care will help in urination and toilets in the bed by bed pan.
• Customers need not want to worry about the patient our patient care will totally take care of the patient.