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Computer Service in One Junction IT Solution
One Junction IT Solutions can repair any desktop or laptop computer problem, no matter which operating system, brand, make, or model. The expert technicians at One Junction IT Solution can help your family with your entire computer repair or service needs for PC’s, Macs, and laptops including:
• Virus Removal
• Data Recovery
• Hardware & software maintenance
• Internet Security
• Laptop & Desktop Repair
• Networking Set Up
• Spyware Removal
• Upgrades
• Wireless LAN Setup
• Cable/DSL Installation
• Many More

Computer cleaning
Hardware :-

Dusty-dirty PC

Computer cleaning involves physically cleaning the interior and exterior of a computer, including the removal of dust and debris from cooling fans, power supplies, and other hardware components. This should be done after certain period of time (weekly/monthly).
A computer containing accumulated dust and debris may not run properly.

Dust and other cruft may accumulate as a result of air cooling. Any filters used to mitigate this need regular service and changes. If the cooling system is not filtered then regular computer cleaning may prevent short circuits and overheating.

Important data stored on computers may be copied and archived securely so that, in the event of failure, the data and systems may be reconstructed. When major maintenance such as patching is performed, a backup is recommended as the first step in case the update fails and reversion is required.
Disk cleanup may be performed as regular maintenance to remove these. Files may become fragmented and so slow the performance of the computer. Disk defragmentation may be performed to combine these fragments and so improve performance.


Operating system
Operating-system files such as the Windows registry may require maintenance. A utility such as a registry cleaner may be used for this.
Software updates
Software packages and operating systems may require regular updates to correct software bugs and to address security weaknesses.
The most important thing you can do to keep your computer safe is to install and maintain security software, which protects your computer from viruses and spyware.

Remove Viruses from your PC
Are you concerned that your home or business computer has been infected with a Virus or Spyware? Common symptoms of computer virus infection are:
• Constant Pop-Ups
• Lock Down & Freeze Ups
• Disabled Internet Access
• Fake Anti-Virus alerts
• Slow Start Up & Performance
• Search Engine Redirects
• Outgoing Spam Emails
• Memory & Hard Drive Space has greatly decreased for no reason

Data recovery:-
Data recovery is the process of salvaging and handling the data through the data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible secondary storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Often the data are being salvaged from storage media such as internal or external hard disk drives, solid-state drives (SSD), USB flash drive, storage tapes, CDs,DVDs, RAID, and other electronics. Recovery may be required due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system that prevents it from being mountedby the host operating system (OS).

Setting Up Network to Share Data and Internet :-

Success for the 21st century business is heavily based on the strength of its IT resources. Nearly all of today’s biggest companies, from Amazon to Microsoft, are built on a strong IT foundation. Sunlight IT Solutions is your comprehensive provider for domain server setup, workgroup setup, and all of your business and personal IT needs. We work with companies of all sizes from start-up to corporations in order to utilize the latest in today’s technology to realize their business plan and boost profitability.

The Services Your Company Needs From Sunlight IT Solution
Sunlight IT Solutions prides itself on offering comprehensive services. When it comes to server setup, here’s a list of what our experts provide:
• Domain server setup and installation
• Workgroup networking setup and installation
• Wireless networking and networking cabling
• Networking security and administration
• File sharing
• Printer sharing
• Email Exchange setup
• Windows server 2012, 2008, and 2003
• Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 7
• Data backup and disaster recovery
• And much more

One Junction IT Solutions has been family owned and operated since 2008. For the past 5 years, we have been the company families all over Houston have counted on for everything IT. We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service, on time service calls, and cost affordable service options.